4x5 Tray Sliding Block Puzzles

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Simple Goals:
move one piece to a specific position

Super Dries
Dries De Clercq
321 moves

Dries De Clercq
209 moves

(Best for
rectangular pieces)
Gil Dogon, 2004
138 moves

(Best for full tray and
rectangular pieces)
Junk Kato, 2002
123 moves

Century (C42a)
J. H. Conway, 1975
100 moves

L'Âne Rouge (C27d)
aka Square Root,
Mintman, et al.
J. H. Fleming, 1946
81 moves


Simple Simple Goals:
move one piece from one corner to another

Bob Henderson
and Gil Dogon
90 moves

Jim Lewis, 2004
84 moves

Penant Puzzle (C19)
aka Dad's Puzzler, et al.
L. W. Hardy, 1909
59 moves


Compound Goals

Little House
Pierre-François Culand
231 Moves

Gil Dogon, 2004
230 moves

Junk Kato
200 moves


The Imp
Bob Henderson
199 Moves

Century and a Half (C42b)
J. H. Conway, 1975
150 moves


Escott Puzzle (D8)
E. B. Escott, 1938
48 moves


10 Block Puzzle (C17)
aka Traffic Cop Tangle
A. Filipiak, 1942
47 moves

Ed Pegg Jr.
43 moves

Mini Ma's Puzzle (D4)
Dick Hess, 1980
28 moves


4-Piece Puzzles

James Stephens
76 moves

Simplicity 2
Ed Pegg Jr, 2004
68 moves



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