2005 Puzzle Design
Competition Entries

The 2005 IDC Guide (photos, instructions, and relevant history) is available here.

The following is a quick reference for the 57 entries in the 2005 competition (click on images for larger photos). 

All designs are copyrighted and are the intellectual property of the designer. All rights are reserved.

Golf Ball Cage

Designer: Aaron Kirpich
Materials: Walnut, golf ball
Goal: Extract and return golf ball to inside of cube.

Purchase: Contact Harry Nelson. Price $90 (75).


Designer: Akio Yamamoto
Materials: Cast Alloy
Goal: Take the three parts apart, and then put them back together again.


Designer: Albert Gübeli
Materials: PVC and tissue tape
Goal: Transform the rhombic dodecahedron from red to green, blue or yellow. Transform the rhombic dodecahedron to 4 rhombohedrons in line.

Purchase: Price: US$400. See designer's web site.

L U C'S   S P A C I A L

Designer: Albert Gübeli
Materials: PVC and tissue tape
Goal: Transform the surface of the rhombic dodecahedron from red to green or green to red.

Purchase: Price: US$300. See designer's web site.

Concrete Puzzle

Designer: Albert Meijers
Materials: Casting-mortar
Goal: Combine the elements into a cube

Purchase: Purchase: 18 (without shipping). See Designer's web site.

Cross-based Puzzle

Designer: Ana Subiza
Materials: cedar wood
Goal: The goal is to construct the prism

Purchase: Contact Ana Subiza via email. Price is 17€ plus shipping.

Double Stair

Designer: Ana Subiza
Materials: cedar wood
Goal: construct the double stair

Purchase: Contact Ana Subiza via email. Price is 19€ plus shipping.

Sculpture Puzzle

Designer: Ana Subiza
Materials: cedar wood
Goal: construct the abstract sculpture

Purchase: Contact Ana Subiza via email.

Crystal Cube

Designer: Svenja and Andreas Schicks
Materials: Plastic cubes and rope
Goal: Multiple challenges to assemble the 8 cubes so that the strings are aligned. See Competition Guide for more details.

Dipole Dilemma

Designer: Chris Morgan
Materials: Cherry and Walnut wood; Gold-plated neodymium magnets; Plastic case
Goal: Object of Dipole Dilemma Puzzle: Take the supplied 28 magnetic spheres and place them in the center tray so they lie completely flat.

Purchase: By mail order from the designer, or contact Educational Innovations, Inc.

Gizmo Gears QED

Designer: Douglas A. Engel
Materials: Acrylic plastic, in various colors, and stainless steel screws
Goal: Mix up the pieces, then try to get back to the unmixed or starting configuration

Purchase: Available from designer at General Symmetrics, Inc. Buy factory experimental versions, blems, new models, etc. Price: $15.00 to $100.00 depending on the puzzle.

Flip Side

Designer: Edi Nagata
Materials: ABS, MDF board
Goal: Transform picture of face from Dog to Cat or Cat to Dog.

Purchase: Overseas order form at the designer's web site or contact via Email. Price ¥10,000


Designer: Eric Harshbarger
Materials: ABS plastic
Goal: Roll blocks from red to blue to yellow regions


Designer: Frank Potts
Materials: Boxwood nails and Walnut rings
Goal: To guess how the object was made. No glue was used in any part of the puzzle.


Designer: Frank Potts
Materials: Wood and acetate
Goal: Arrange the two sided sliding block puzzle so that the numbers 1-15 are shown in the correct places, then arrange the two sided sliding block so that 1-15 are displayed, but with the 14 and 15 reversed.


Designer: George Miller and Donald Knuth
Materials: Acrylic
Goal: Fold net into all seven tetracubes.

Turkey Tetracube Teasers

Designer: Harry Nelson
Materials: Walnut and maple
Goal: Assemble the pieces inside the frame, and other challenges.

Purchase: Contact Harry Helson. Price $65 (50).

Rectangular Jam

Designer: Hirokazu Iwasawa
Materials: Wood and MDF
Goal: Slip the brown piece through the hole in the front of the frame (Only the brown piece can go through).

Purchase: Anyone can buy one at ¥1,575 (plus shipping) at online puzzle shop torito, but the used material may be different than that used in the competition. More information at designer's website.

Caged Pyramid

Designer: Hirokazu Iwasawa
Materials: Polystyrene
Goal: Remove the pyramid (regular tetrahedron) from the cage.

Purchase: More information at designer's website.

Memory Drawers

Designer: Hiroshi Iwahara
Materials: walnut, maple, silky oak, birch, rosewood, acryl
Goal: Discover the pattern for opening and closing the drawers.

Purchase: contact or join the Karakuri Club.

Chinese Fang

Designer: Hunter Lin
Materials: Walnut
Goal: Disassemble and reassemble the structure

Purchase: See designer's web site.

Egg Fool Young (and Old) Puzzle

Designer: James TerBush
Materials: wood and metal
Goal: Can you make the egg stand on its end?

FramEst 36

Designer: Johannes Mets
Materials: Ash tree
Goal: Disassemble and reassemble

Purchase: Price $60 (plus shipping) Contact designer's email.


Designer: Jose Diaz
Materials: African Mahogany
Goal: Disassemble and reassemble

Purchase: Will be available at desginer's website. Priced at $49 plus shipping. Send E-mail with any questions.


Designer: Josef Pelikan & Ivan Mrkvica
Materials: ball made from ash-tree Pieces inside made from beech-outside from maple and amarand
Goal: Open the ball and try to disassemble the six piece burr inside and then rearrange the pieces and close the ball

Purchase: Contact www.puzzlewood.de.

Pattern Box

Designer: Kagen Schaefer
Materials: Bubinga, Maple, Narra, Wenge hardwoods
Goal: Open each side of the box

Purchase: This is the prototype for an edition to be produced in late 2005-early 2006. See designer's website to purchase. Price: US$600.

Cubes & Ladders

Designer: Karin von Känel
Materials: Red Alder wood for the board and pieces, Cherry wood for the box. Card printing stock for the cards.
Goal: The Cubes & Ladders puzzle represents a pueblo with various houses (cubes) and ladders which allow you to climb the various levels of the pueblo. The goal is to select 16 of the 30 pieces and arrange them so that there is a continuous path from the lower left to the top right.

Purchase: A smaller version without box will be our Exchange puzzle. The boxed version is a limited edition—10 have been produced and a few will be available for sale at the 2005 Puzzle Party.

Arc Angles

Designer: Kate Jones
Materials: Black laser-cut acrylic with silver paths
Goal: 1. Assemble 5 arcs into a ring so the lines match on all edges and form a closed loop. 2. Assemble the 25 all-different arcs into 5 rings so all the lines match, or into three closed loops, or a single loop, and other challenges. 3. Assemble 15 arcs into a closed figure with lines forming a single matched  loop. Note that the arcs may join on left or right edges to wind around in snake-like fashion. All lines must be joined – no loose or mismatched edges. Make two matched rings with the remaining 10 arcs. 4. Join all 25 arcs into one large closed figure with all 25 lines matching in a single loop. How many such shapes can you find?.

Purchase: Order on designer's website or by phone (410) 437-2163.

Bollixed Briefcase Puzzle

Designer: Kathleen Malcolmson
Materials: Aluminum case, steel balls, cocobolo slide, and Baltic birch plywood frame, and veneer lining.
Goal: Open the box.


Designer: Les Shader
Materials: wood, brass, and string
Goal: Find a path that visits each white square exactly once. Your path cannot cross itself or enter a black square or the top or bottom of the cylinder AND once a direction is chosen you cannot turn unless forced to by earlier rules.


Designer: Les Shader
Goal: Build a 3 x 3 x 4 brick

Purchase: The puzzle is available at Eric Fuller's website.

Hide the Animal!

Designer: Lixy Yamada
Materials: Case: sycamore and plywood; Pieces: magnolia, maple, bubinga and oak
Goal: 1: Chose a problem sheet illustrated animals and set it in the tray, then pack 4 pieces in the tray to hide all illustrated animals.


Designer: Mark McCallum
Materials: Imbuya (South American Walnut), glue, lacquer
Goal: Disassemble and reassemble the interlocking puzzle

Purchase: The puzzle can be ordered from designer via Email or wait for it to show up at Eric Fuller's website. Price $175. Quantity will be limited to 30.

Crazy Elephant Dance

Designer: Markus Götz
Materials: wood (MDF)
Goal: Move the slide with the attached elephants out of the tray.

Edge-Corner-Cube II

Designer: Markus Götz
Materials: wood (Massaranduba), metal
Goal: assemble the 7 pieces to a 3x3x3 cube

7 Piece Nightmare

Designer: Mike Toulouzas
Materials: Black walnut, hard maple
Goal: Put the pieces only inside the tray.

Purchase: Available at designer's website.


Designer: Mike Toulouzas
Materials: Wenge, hard maple, mahogany sappeli
Goal: Place the pieces in such a way to interlock and form a cross.

Purchase: Available at designer's website.

Olympic Cube No6a

Designer: Panayotis Verdes
Materials: ABS Plastic
Goal: Move the individual layers of the cube, so every side of the puzzle has the same color. The goal of the puzzle is globally well-known because of the famous Rubik’s Cube.


Designer: Pavel Curtis
Materials: Plastic
Goal: Place all four pieces flat in the tray.

Purchase: Price: US$20. Contact the designer.

Homage to the Cube

Designer: Peter Conrad
Materials: basswood with a finish of enamel
Goal: The goal of the puzzle is to make a pattern of the tiles in which no tile is adjacent, along an edge, to a tile of the same color. Tiles may share the same color with a tile in a diagonal direction across an intersection of tiles.

The Box of ZN

Designer: Randal Gatewood
Materials: Keruing and Bubinga
Goal: To manipulate the moveable pieces on the top of the puzzle box to open it.

Purchase: The first production of 30 of this limited edition puzzle box is now available for sale through Cleverwood Fine Woodworking. Additional information is also available at the designers’ website - Quagmire Puzzle Boxes. Box of ZN is completely handmade and hand finished. Priced at $450.00. Slocum Classification: 2.1 / Moves: 27 / Rated: Difficult.

Solitary Confinement

Designer: Robert Hartmann
Materials: Brass nail and walnut base
Goal: Free the nail from its constraints

Purchase: Several are available from the designer via email, $40 plus shipping.

The Skeleton Key

Designer: Robert Hartmann
Materials: Brass nut and key (the key is brass plated)
Goal: Remove the nut from the key

Purchase: Available at Viking Manufacturing Company web site.

Stickman No. 5

Designer: Robert Yarger
Materials: Walnut, Maple, Bloodwood & Cherry
Goal: Open the box through the sequential movement of its exterior pieces. After this, the next goal is to dismantle the box into its 78 individual pieces and reassemble it back into a working puzzle box.

Purchase: Available at Eric Fuller's website.

Stickman No. 7

Designer: Robert Yarger
Materials: Wenge & Maple
Goal: The goal is to remove all four drawers from their cage.

Purchase: All Stickman No. 7 boxes sold out on quickly, but the two remaining competition entries can be obtained by going to Eric Fuller's website.

Gyro Brain

Designer: Rocky Chiaro
Materials: 360 Machined Brass
Goal: Disassemble and reassemble the cube.

Purchase: Cost: $275.00; available at designer's website.

Bricks Thru Window

Designer: Sam Cornwell
Materials: Pine
Goal: To take out cuboids from box, and to replace cuboids within box.

Living Quarters

Designer: Sam Cornwell
Materials: Pine and marine board
Goal: To fit 3 shapes into box and replace lid.

Triple Trouble

Designer: Samuel Scarano
Materials: Wood (cherry/bubinga or maple/bubinga)
Goal: The goal is to insert the blocks into the box.

Purchase: See designer's web page.

Necklace Packing Puzzle

Designer: Sjaak Griffioen
Materials: aluminum "hylite" and acryllic beads, nylon string and nickel chain, packed with blue paper description in transparent jewel case
Goal: Form various patterns.

Purchase: this puzzle will be manufactured in a limited edition (200 pieces). It can be bought directly from the designer for 39 excluding postage. Please contact designer via Email.


Designer: Stewart Coffin
Materials: paper, laminate, aspen, ebony, birch plywood
Goal: From the starting position shown, without lifting the pieces from the tray, rearrange them to put the Swallowtail together. The shortest path requires 31 moves. Then, from that solution, continue rearranging the pieces until the Monarch emerges again. The shortest path this time is only 9 moves.


Designer: Shiro Tajima
Materials: Walnut, Rengas and Iron bolt
Goal: Open four lids

Solution: Click for view of open box.

Petit Heart

Designer: Tatuo Miyamoto
Materials: lengas, mizuki
Goal: Open both halves of the heart

Purchase: Join the Karakuri Club.

Caged Knot

Designer: Tom Jolly
Materials: Masaranduba wood (cage) and maple for the pieces
Goal: Take it apart (difficult) then put together (very difficult)

Purchase: Contact the designer or Bernhard Schweitzer.Price 30-35.


Designer: Vaclav Obsivac
Materials: cherry
Goal: Put together all pieces of the icosahedral object

Purchase: See designer's website. Price is 55 plus shipping.


Designer: Lawrence Lau
Materials: Plastic – GPPS
Goal: disassemble and reassemble the pieces


Designer: Zdravko Zivkovic
Materials: Solid wood and solid brass
Goal: Pass the stick throughout the cube

Purchase: Available from AVAX Corp. for 300€.


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