2015 Puzzle Design Competition


  • 60 puzzles entered; the 2015 Competition Entries page includes designers, goal, and images (purchasing information later).
  • Judging at IPP35 in Ottawa, Canada, August 4-9, 2015.
  • The Puzzlers' Award is selected by IPP attendees; all other prizes selected by Judging Committee.
Puzzlers' Award
Jury Honorable Mention

Xenia Table Puzzlebox
Mike Toulouzas

Jury Grand Prize

Big Ben
John Moores, Junichi Yananose & Brian Young

Jury First Prize

Dot Box
James Dalgety

Jury Honorable Mention

Tai Ji - 69 Puzzle
Ayi Liu

Road Blocks
Goh Pit Khiam

Yasuhiro Hashimoto

Number Blocks
Goh Pit Khiam

Oh Ding!
Simon Nightingale


Top 10 Vote Getters

The following designs were in the top-10 in voting for the Puzzlers' Award,
but were not otherwise recognized with a formal Jury prize.

Trifecta - Ken Irvine
Edelweiss - Robert Yarger, William Waite
Pure Donuts- Eitan Cher and Bram Cohen

Zipper - Iwahiro (Hirokazu Iwasawa)


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