2016 Puzzle Design Competition


  • 60 puzzles entered; the 2016 Competition Entries page includes designers, goal, images, and purchasing information.
  • Judging at IPP36 in Kyoto, Japan, August 4-7, 2016.
  • The Puzzlers' Award is selected by IPP attendees; all other prizes selected by Judging Committee.
Puzzlers' Award
Jury Honorable Mention

Slide Packing
Hajime Katsumoto

Jury Grand Prize

Marbles Cage
Volker Latussek

Jury Honorable Mention

Mike Toulouzas

Chain Store
Goh Pit Khiam

Penta in a Box
Hajime Katsumoto

Bitten Biscuits
JinHoo Ahn

Carl Hoff


Top 10 Vote Getters

The following designs were in the top-10 in voting for the Puzzlers' Award,
but were not otherwise recognized with a formal Jury prize.

Matchbox Playground - Péter Gál
Stumbling Blocks - Goh Pit Khiam
Mr. Monkey - Shiro Tajima


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