Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition

2017-2018 Schedule

November 2017

  • Each year, the competition will be announced via a number of Puzzle Party affiliated channels: the Puzzle Party announcement and/or invitation, Nobnet, CFF, PuzzleWorld, Puzzle Party e-mail list, and other appropriate sources of puzzle information.
  • These announcements will give a brief overview of the competition and the URL for the complete and official rules (this web site). If someone does not have Internet access, we will mail the official rules on request.

June 2018

  • Entries close on June 15, 2018, approximately one month prior to the Puzzle Party. 

August 2018

  • All invited Puzzle Party attendees may vote for the Puzzlers' Awards.

  • The judging committee will select the Jury Prizes, as inspired by the entered puzzles.

  • All awards will be announced during the Puzzle Party.


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